Affiliated To: VBSPU, Jaunpur
Estd On.: Year 2008
Welcome to Ram Samujh Degree College

संस्थापक की कलम से (From the Desk of Founder):

My father late Mr. Ram Samujh Pandey was a farmer. In spite of being a simple farmer he always believed that multidimensional education and he had a desire of educating all. He used to elaborate his belief with the help of following lines in SanskritThe axis of life and running society/nation's progress both male and female for a uniform is required to be educated. Conservative mentality or any other girls forced to hand some people less than boys weight/give preference. For the progress which is fatal. We conditions /but not scared to face challenges to the family target to make them happy. Limited resources and also in difficult circumstances you will always keep its head high.
Urdu from this year also subjects and music will be committed. Scouting, computer, spoken English, etc. personality development of education is also being management. Also on physical education will be given special attention. Debate competition, Lecture Series and also organized symposium will be provided.
I you their their College principal, teachers, students and other employees/girl and the entire educational development Banbat again for the full soulfully to deliberate and I hope that local people in this work full Cooperation is my support. Ganga Gangotri to appear but if sea alone to Bhatond-Bhatond Ganga Sea is only when non-diabetics in this journey Mahatin energised many rivers is covered. God give me power education service is that I have great Ramalmga can meet.

"माता शत्रु पिता बैरी येन बालो न पाठिता
न शोभते सभा मध्ये, हंश मध्ये वाका यथा"

वे इन शब्द का अर्थ समझाते थे , इसका अर्थ उन्होंने अपने मर्म की गहराइयो को समझते थे |
इस कारण उन्होंने अपने महाविद्यालय के लक्ष को आगे बढाया . लोगो ने इसकी प्रशंसा की | इससे उनका संकल्प और द्ढं हो गया है |

Ram Lakhan Pandey
Ex Principal Saraswati Bal Mandir Higher Secendary school
Jaunpur (U.P)